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Mayli. This little half Asian / half white mix was only 5 days past 18. A few days before the Facial Abuse scene, she was dancing at her Senior Prom. I guss you could say it was surprising to see a piece of Asian ass this young, this sexy and this horny, banging on the doors of the Facial Abuse studio begging to be filmed. Thank God Big Red, Bootleg and Duke Skywalker flung the doors open and invited her right in.

After a little chatting, the old manwhore Bootleg sat the girl down that was more than half his age, and he began to violate her throat. He fucked her face and pushed his dick down her tonsils, while her lunch came up. She puked on his dick and drool poured out like a faucet. He scooped her off his knees and threw her onto the couch. She was then put in a triangle leglock as Bootled invaded her entire windpipe with his 8 inch meat stick.

After she had swallowed enough cock to pass Bootleg's "test", he put her on all fours and spanked her with the slut paddle. Her ass looked like a package stamped to be sent around the world. After some yelps, a few slaps and some spit on the face, Bootleg pounded her tiny Asian ass doggystyle. Mayli moaned in painful pleasure before hoping on his pole which she rode like a pogo stick.

Bootleg and Mayli fucked like rabbits until Bootleg had enough. With a 4 finger insertion into her teen pussy, he commanded her to get on her knees. She sat back and waited until two sticky loads of cum covered her face. To finish the scene, she received a pimp slap complete with baby powder, and words of wisdom. She was then sent out on her way with a few bucks to put towards her college education.

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